Here we go again. Is this article going to get us in trouble? Even if it is, this is information spa professionals need to hear read. What is a spa professional? What is a professional? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a professional as…Well they have lots of definitions, but it basically means you get paid to do what you do. Yes you must be licensed as a spa professional, but why have we all gotten so hung up on thinking an esthetics license gives us complete autonomous power over skincare and makes us the sole authority?

Let’s be clear – we do need to protect and promote our industry. However, bashing MLMs isn’t going to get us anywhere. That’s why we shouldn’t let them or anyone work harder or outthink us. The people selling XYZ MLM products are tenacious, flood their (and your) social media pages with daily posts and are very good at overcoming objections. Why? We refer you back to that definition of a professional. It’s all about the Benjamins.  MLM “consultants” are not licensed, but are increasingly successful at getting people to give them money. How? While we complain in private groups on Facebook about their bogus before & after photos they continue to solicit their products without hesitation. They are simply out working us. Contacting more people more often than the average spa professional. While we inspect the ingredient decks and scrutinize their formulas, they’re busy calculating their commission checks. Gulp. Really starting to think this article is going to get us in trouble.

How to fight back

The only way to win in business is to do things better than your competition. Remember Blockbuster? They had 1,000’s of stores, a great reputation and offered a service millions of us enjoyed. Netflix put them out of business in just a few years and wasn’t apologetic in doing so. Don’t let this happen to you and your business. If you want to keep being a spa professional and continue to earn a living doing what you love, you must compete. You’re reading this article online – how do you market your business? Do you have a website? Can your clients book services online? Did you know you can now book salon and spa appointments using google maps? Do you sell the products you carry on your website? If not, get ready to fail. The internet is not going anywhere and you will need to change your business and how you connect with your customers as millennials become the predominant spenders in our economy. Otherwise you’ll be the next Blockbuster, travel agent, music store, etc. The internet has killed many industries and it’s not something you can ignore.

Do you want to get better?

You are a professional, right? What was the last book you read? When was the last time you read a business book? We love professional development at ExPürtise. There is no limit to your knowledge and we strongly believe you MUST continue to grow throughout your career. Listen to business podcasts, think about your competition daily or just contact us. We have helped many businesses and spas transform how they interact with and retain clients. If you can’t wait, read the five things you must change in your spa today and get started.

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