Loch Ness Monster? Bigfoot? Aliens? We love the search for the unknown and for thousands of years there have been stories about magical fountains that provide youth and immortality. While no one has found the actual Fountain of Youth…Or are willing to share its location with us. There may be some truth to the mythical properties of water and its ability to keep you looking younger. Keep in mind, water is so important to life NASA searches all over the universe trying to find it on other planets. Feeling thirsty yet? You’ve undoubtedly experienced the need to drink water and have probably had an occasion or two when you felt especially parched but still may not understand why it’s also important to hydrate your skin.

What are the benefits of drinking water for your skin?

The experts will tell you drinking enough water every day is essential to great health. Water is the most critical component of maintaining homeostasis within our body and is necessary for digestion, circulation and proper function of our immune system. If that wasn’t enough, water is also the most crucial factor in regulating body temperature and preventing serious health issues like kidney stones and some forms of cancer. When it comes to your skin, H2O helps create a barrier between skin and the sun to prevent cells from drying out. Skin cells are mostly made of water and their moisture can easily evaporate. When this occurs the result is dry, tight, flaky skin. SPOILER ALERT: that’s bad. Think of your skin as a rubber band. Have you ever found an old rubber band lying around that’s been exposed to the elements for far too long? It is dry, crusty, no longer stretches and prone to falling apart. Unfortunately, your skin works in much the same way!
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Can improper hydration lead to more wrinkles?

The answer is a profound yes! Not only can a lack of water intake cause premature aging, not using a proper moisturizer at least three times a day can be equally damaging. Your skin needs moisture to maintain its elasticity. That’s why people with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles as they age. The excess oil they produce works like a built-in moisturizer.

What you can do to prevent premature aging from lack of hydration

  • Men should drink at least 3 quarts of water per day
  • Women should drink at least 2 quarts of water a day
  • Apply a good moisturizer 3 times a day
  • Avoid excessively washing your face because it strips your natural oils
  • Always use sunscreen! Most visible skin damage is caused by the sun

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What makes a good moisturizer?

A lot of what makes a good moisturizer depends on your skin type. If you have dry, itchy, or more mature skin, then you’ll want to go with a rich moisturizer. Treatments and creams are typically thinner making them a better match for normal or oily skin. It is also recommended to use a lighter moisturizer for the daytime hours and a heavier moisturizer for night.

Our day recommendation: Face Treatment
Our night recommendation: Rich Moisturizer
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What are the most effective ingredients for hydrating your skin and preventing wrinkles?

When choosing the right moisturizer consider what ingredients will be most beneficial for your skin. When it comes to hydrating and preventing the formation of wrinkles some of the top ingredients for hydration include; hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides and quality essential oils like coconut, jojoba and avocado. In addition to hydration, you may want to also use something that offers extra wrinkle prevention. Look for products that contain peptides, vitamin A (retinol or retinol alternatives), coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C.
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We may not have found the legendary Fountain of Youth, but hopefully you’ve learned a lot! Don’t forget keeping skin hydrated is important to preventing the signs of aging! Let’s all make a pledge to stay young and healthy by drinking lots of water and hydrating our faces with a great moisturizer three times a day. Water will help you enjoy the benefits of a glowing, youthful appearance for many years to come!

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