The third Monday of every February is dedicated to remembering some of the greatest leaders in American history. We call this Presidents’ Day. Since this is the day we regularly use to honor the legacy of great presidents, we were thinking of three great presidential leaders in science.

These three leaders impacted many things while they were in office, but the lasting effect they’ve had on science deserves to be acknowledged.

  1. John F. Kennedy: Have you heard of JFK? All John did was launch the country’s space program and promise to take us to the moon. In July of 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. This achievement inspired a generation of Americans to go into science and technology.

  3. Thomas Jefferson: Have you ever seen a $2 bill? That’s Thomas. He had an avid interest in science and was President of the American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin, from 1797 to 1815. Mr. Jefferson also sponsored the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore the west. What would America look like without Thomas Jefferson?

  5. Teddy Roosevelt: Kids love teddy bears. We have Teddy Roosevelt to thank for this. More importantly, this energetic president was a committed naturalist and conservationist. Teddy used the Forest Reserve Act of 1891 to set aside 150 million acres of timberland as public domains and oversaw creation of the U.S. Forest Service.

Use the third Monday of every February to celebrate President’s Day, but also remember these three great leaders in science. ExPürtise is a scientific leader in skincare. Go pure with ExPürtise. The smart choice for healthy, ageless skin.


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