Ethanolamines, also known as MEA, DEA and TEA (Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine and Triethanolamine), are cosmetic emulsifiers and foaming agents with the combined properties of alcohols and amines. They are found in many common products such as make-up, hair dye, sunscreen and body wash. They’re even used to adjust pH level.

Some animal studies suggest Ethanolamines may increase the risk for cancer, especially with repeated and prolonged use. Little research has been conducted on the accumulation of such use in humans. This is disturbing because Ethanolamines are used in so many household products.

ExPürtise understands it’s impossible to completely eliminate Ethanolamine exposure. However, we recommend staying away from Ethanolamines whenever possible. That’s why all ExPürtise products are formulated free of Ethanolamines.

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