Synthetic Fragrances or parfums as they’re sometimes called are fragrances created in a lab usually from petroleum and natural gas byproducts.

As noted in our post on phthalates, the individual components of fragrance are considered a trade secret so manufacturers are not required by law to disclose their ingredients.

It’s important to note that even “unscented” products may contain chemicals used to cover up the smell of other chemicals. These are known as masking agents.

It all boils down to this. Synthetic fragrances are loaded with phthalates proven to accumulate in the body. Consumers cannot possibly make an informed decision regarding the contents of any specific fragrance(s) due to their proprietary nature. It simply isn’t required that manufacturers list phthalates or any other chemicals like benzene, methanol, toluene or xylene.

ExPürtise products only contain natural aromatic extracts where all components are physically extracted from a single genus and species of a plant. This means all ExPürtise products are natural, fragrance free, synthetic fragrance free and phthalate free. Go Pure.


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